We have decided to focus more on the oriental shorthair breed. so we will no longer be raising exotics.

Phatkat Exotics Is located in Sunny Central Oregon! We Raise and Show Exotic Shorthairs in CFA.  We are thankful for the wonderful cats that have come to us from overseas and top catteries in the USA. I am excited to be working with the bloodlines I have acquired. 

Our lines include many well known lines and cats, Grand Champions, Regional Winners and DM’s.Our Bloodlines include: D’eden Lover, Latin lover, Boberan, Kitty Charm, Couronne, Candirand ,Zhao, granddelight, Bolo ,Grandaries, Calivan, Floricats, Dega-bulu, Ladiluck, Desmin, Parti wai ex, Artemis and more!

We breed for exotics with sweet open expressions, big round eyes, short cobby bodies, small correct ear placement, thick plush coats, and loving and social temperaments that meet the show standard.  Loving and social personalities are a priority in our cats and kittens. they are used to children, men, women and other pets.  Our cats are raised as part of our family.  We are not a business, this is my hobby that I do for the love of the breed and to improve the breed. I  do occasionally have pet cats or kittens available when we are not keeping them for ourselves to  approved homes.  All phatkat kittens are placed on a strict neuter/spay contract   I reserve the right to refuse a placement for our cats for whatever reason.

A Huge thank you to the breeders who have shared their lines with me.I am ever so grateful to my show friends and mentors who have shared so much knowledge with me.  I can't thank you enough for your trust, encouragement and generosity. We Actively show our cats in region 2.

Our cats are all PKD DNA Tested Negative,or come from PKD DNA neg. parents. We do not use pkd positive cats in our program.I strongly believe in the betterment of the breed. We are a FELV/FIP/FIV/Fungus Free Cattery! Our Cattery name is registered with the CFA and our cats are registered in CFA. We believe in raising happy and healthy cats! We are a closed cattery and do not share our cats.

We occasionally get Longhair Exotics in a litter. So if you are looking for a Persian, I may have the look you are searching for! When breeding for a Shorthair Exotic, you may get either or both shorthair or longhair kittens in a litter depending on the parents  genetic makeup for carrying the shorthair gene.  Even if both parents are exotic shorthairs!! The Longhair Exotic is the same in type as a longhair Persian due to the use of Persians in its gene pool. The only difference is it is genetically an exotic.  Exotics with longhair are registered as Exotics. Their coat is the same to that of a Persian and will require the same routine of combing and grooming as the Persian. Although I still have found their coat to be a bit easier to work with than a Persian.

I have decided to take a little time off and am no longer raising exotics. i am however still showing in premiership!